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Your vehicle, your friend...your reliable companion.

A reflection of who you are, and who you choose to be. Would life be the same without it?

Your vehicle's reliability depends on how you maintain it, make your companion, your life's companion by strengthening your bond through total auto care and premium auto treatment, because you know its worth it.

Auto Miraj is Sri Lanka's total auto care specialist, dedicated to preserving your vehicle while ensuing it's reliability; helping you go that extra mile in your life's commute.

We began our journey in 1994, now Auto Miraj boasts a branch network of over 24 total auto care service points in Colombo alone. Over 600 staff members handle over 700 jobs on a daily basis in outlets in urban, suburban and outstation areas across the country. We have expanded operations overseas with the opening of two total auto care points in the United Kingdom.

This expansion is a testament to our dedication to providing premium auto care services and that our quality of work is recognized both locally and internationally.

Auto Miraj Grand1 is a trademark service offering that goes beyond the boundaries of total automotive services. Our Grand1 staffs are all highly trained professionals dedicated to offer the finest automotive maintenance service that redefines premium auto care.

While offering the finest automotive services in the industry, we understand the importance of being a socially responsible organization that cares for the environment. That is why we reduce, reuse and recycle.