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With the intention of putting our customer’s needs first, we are proud to announce the launch of our new product;  ‘Auto Diagnosis ’.

‘Auto Diagnosis’ gives customers the Opportunity to do more than just a vehicle service. In our new Service Reception, your vehicle will be thoroughly checked and you will then be advised by our ‘Service Advisors’ in addition to your requirement what more your vehicle needs. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment we will identify areas that need care and attention which you would normally not be aware of.

Just take a look at the services offered Free of Charge!

The process your vehicle will undergo every service free of charge

Using Hi - Tech Tools

Visual Inspection

Additional Inspection

With the new roadways and highways either in place or well in development, your vehicle needs to be in peak performance to handle these conditions. The condition of your vehicle’s engine is crucial in determining whether your vehicle can handle the ‘load of the road’. Also as important are the brake systems, suspension, steering system, tyres as well as other lubrication aspects to ensure your vehicle is ready for the next level of road travel in Sri Lanka.

Auto Miraj uses the expertise of our overseas (UK) based centre’s in applying the tools, know-how and systems that are used to prepare vehicles in the UK to meet the requirements of highways and motorways.

This is made available to you, Free of Charge... at Auto Miraj, with ‘Auto Diagnosis ’.

service packages

Auto Miraj Grand1 is dedicated to providing auto care services that stand out among the rest, with the intention of becoming the country’s premium auto care service provider that is both affordable and premium in quality. We, at Auto Miraj strive always to deliver customer oriented service packages that caters to all your automotive maintenance needs.

Auto Service Plus

The basic service offering, it meets all your typical automotive needs effective.

green drive

A value added service package that is offered to meet all your hybrid demand, whatever it maybe.

Grand1 Experience

The Grand1 Experience is coupled with the most comprehensive auto service offering, mechanical and electrical inspection as well as superior interior and exterior detailing. Being the most premium service regime Auto Miraj has to offer, the Grand 1 Experience is the finest, most premium auto care treatment you can give your four- wheeled partner in life.

quality check

Every single job checked by our quality controller and ensures the best quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Special Value Added Treatment

We also go that extra mile to provide you with complimentary value added services, so your vehicle can go that extra mile when you need it to: