automobile services



Auto Miraj Grand1 is dedicated to providing auto care services that stand out among the rest, with the intention of becoming the country’s premium auto care service provider that is both affordable and premium in quality. We, at Auto Miraj Grand1 strive always to deliver customer oriented service packages that caters to all your automotive maintenance needs.


Auto Service Plus

The basic service offering, it meets all your typical automotive needs effective.

Green Drive

A value added service package that is offered to meet all your hybrid demand, whatever it maybe.

Grand1 Experience

The Grand1 Experience is coupled with the most comprehensive auto service offering, mechanical and electrical inspection as well as superior interior and exterior detailing. Being the most premium service regime Auto Miraj Grand1 has to offer, the Grand 1 Experience is the finest, most premium auto care treatment you can give your four- wheeled partner in life.

Average Time

2 to 4 Hours